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Api Plugin for DocPad

Due to the closing of Docpad project in 1/2/2018, this plugin won't receive any extra feature. Only critical bugs will be solved. Benjamin said that Docpad will get updates, but he will work as a side-project. We will add features if it's necessary.

16/8/2019: End of life. No work will be put in this. You're on your own but you can always ask questions or submit pull requests.

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How to use the plugin

First, create your API. You have to use Javascript as language
and you can use NodeJS or ExpressJS methods and objects.

Each Javascript file must have this structure:

// Each module.exports MUST BE a function with these two arguments
module.exports = function (opts, baseApiUrl){
  // The ExpressJS server is an attribute of opts.
  var server = opts.server

  // You can use ExpressJS functions (version 3.x)
  server.get(baseApiUrl + '/test', function (req, res, next) {
    return res.json({
      test: 'OK'

  server.get('/bbbb', function (req, res, next) {
    var err = new Error()

Second, you need to create the api configuration file. It's in JSON format.
This is the new step for newer versions, because you can set different apis using multiple configuration files.

You can name it as you want. In my case, I call it "dpaconfig.json"

  "baseApiUrl": "/testone",
  "src": [

Notes about dbaconfig.json file:

  • It's required to set the baseApiUrl and src variables.
  • The src routes have to be relative to Docpad website root folder (the same level as docpad configuration file).

Finally, set the route of each dpaconfig file in Docpad configuration file.

    cfgSrc: [

Notes about configuration:
*You have to set relative routes using Docpad root folder as base.

And we're done. Enjoy your custom api without refactoring to ExpressJS.


Install this DocPad plugin by entering docpad install api into your terminal.


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